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Quote Ninja is the BigCommerce tool you need to convert more B2B customers, and streamline your quoting process.


Fully Integrated with BigCommerce

Quote Ninja works seamlessly with BigCommerce, no special coding required.


Single Click Quote-to-Order

Quote Ninja streamlines the ordering process for both your customers and sales staff by populating a BigCommerce cart with the quote and pricing.


Mobile Optimized

Whatever device your customers and staff use, Quote Ninja looks and works great.


All Your Quotes in One Dashboard

Quote Ninja makes it easy for you to view and manage your quotes in one convenient place.


PDF Quote Creation & File Attachments

Send your customers beautiful, professional quotes with Quote Ninja. Quote Ninja automatically generates PDF quotes for your customers and allows you to attach extra files if needed.


Support for Advanced Product Types

Add multiple options and features to your products listed in Quote Ninja, so your customers get the right quote for the product they need.

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Real Case Studies

Before you try Quote Ninja, learn about how our customers use Quote Ninja to boost sales, covert traffic, and save time.

Bulk Bookstore Revolutionizes Their Quote Process

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GTech Fitness Saves Time and Money Using Quote Ninja

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Atlanta Light Bulbs Reaches New Customers Using Quote Ninja

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Rescue Essentials Streamline Their Sale Process Using Quote Ninja

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Customer Reviews

We've looked for something like this for years. With Quote Ninja, our sales staff can create quotes in seconds and the email that is sent out looks really good with pictures, links to each product as well as a Checkout button.


We are very happy with the Quote Ninja App it has helped my sales force quote products quickly and allows our customers and prospects to see images and reference personal notes per quote or per item. Nice Job Quote Ninja!!


I ran a search months back looking for an app like this that didn't exist at the time. I recently tried another search and found this app, so I thought I would give it a shot. The customer service is top notch, fast, responsive, professional and friendly.


This app has done so much for our business in a short time. We used to spend hours by email and phone creating quotes and custom orders for our customers. With Quote Ninja they are able to do it quickly and easily themselves.


Quote Ninja has been by far my favorite app on BigCommerce. This app has been essential for us and our new website. The customer service has been outstanding.


John & Micah are a pleasure to work with. They've created an excellent quoting app for Bigcommerce that is backed up with amazing customer support. I would recommend the Quote Ninja app to anyone who needs quoting functionality for their BC store.


Quote Ninja is Here to Revolutionize Your Quoting Process

See Quote Ninja in action, and learn more about how we can help free your business from old quoting tools.