Bulk Bookstore Revolutionizes Their Quote Process

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The Problem: Bulk Bookstore was losing too much time manually entering quotes that could be as long as 125 unique items. With quotes accounting for 25% of their business, something needed to change.

The Solution: Customers populate quote requests through Quote Ninja, which seamlessly integrates with BigCommerce. Sales staff can use the Quote Ninja dashboard to respond to requests with custom quotes which include a unique checkout link.

The Result: Bulk Bookstore saves significant time using Quote Ninja’s seamless BigCommerce integration, removing the need for manual data entry. The included checkout links make it easy for customers to finalize their purchases.

“It’s completely enhanced the way we run our business.” - Heather Bradley, Operations Manager at Bulk Bookstore

Managing customer quotes and custom pricing for your products can be an exhausting, chaotic and inefficient process. Quote Ninja will not only alleviate these pains but revolutionize your quoting process.

The Bulk Bookstore Success Story

Bulk Bookstore makes it easy for over 35,000 businesses, K-12 schools, teachers and districts, non-profit organizations, religious groups, and government entities to purchase books in bulk.

With so many institutional buyers that require quotes for their approval process, Bulk Bookstore was spending countless hours manually creating and sending quotes. This created many problems: it required an immense amount of employee time, the manual quotes were difficult to track, quotes didn’t look professional, and custom discounts couldn’t be applied. In some cases, customers were forced to manually find the items and recreate carts multiple times. This made it difficult for customers to place orders and each step was laborious and error prone.

Then Bulk Bookstore found Quote Ninja. Today, Bulk Bookstore uses Quote Ninja to send over 640 quotes a month.

Quote Ninja helps Bulk Bookstore simplify their quoting process, cut down on manual data entry, and allows customers more autonomy to build their own quotes.

Simplifies the Quoting Process

Bulk Bookstore’s Operations Manager, Heather Bradley, shares how Quote Ninja has turned their quoting process into a competitive advantage.

Before moving to Quote Ninja, Bulk Bookstore’s quoting process was time-consuming, outdated, and prone to human error. All they could do was send potential customers a link to their website. It was difficult for them to offer additional discounts to their customers.

Their sales team spent their time sending emails back and forth with customers, entering and reentering information. It was far from the best use of their time.

That’s one area where Quote Ninja has made a huge difference for Bulk Bookstore. “Quote Ninja simplified the process for us,” says Heather. “It allowed the customer a lot more autonomy which freed up our sales team to jump into other things and really grow our sales.”

Bulk Bookstore’s quotes look more professional, and now it’s easy for customers to finalize their orders using the link they get from Quote Ninja. In an industry where being able to get a quote to a customer quickly creates an advantage over competitors, Quote Ninja has made a big difference for Bulk Bookstore. “It’s completely enhanced the way we run our business.”

With Quote Ninja, Bulk Bookstore can easily track quotes, orders, and discounts. It makes no difference whether customers request 25 items or 125 items, Quote Ninja handles it. Bulk Bookstore has been spared the expense of hiring extra people just to handle quoting.

“It’s been amazing what Quote Ninja has helped us do,” says Heather.

Easy to Use and Implement with Excellent Support

Quote Ninja was easy for Bulk Bookstore to introduce to their staff. Heather calls it, “one of the easiest solutions we use.”

Bulk Bookstore had their entire staff up to speed on Quote Ninja in less than a month. Everyone in the company has used it and been impressed with how simple it is to learn.

This ease of use is backed up by Quote Ninja’s attentive and robust support.

Bulk Bookstore needs Quote Ninja to talk to all the different systems they use, and the Quote Ninja team have been with them the whole time to make sure they get the most out of their experience. “It’s really been a pleasure working with the Quote Ninja team,” says Heather. Quote Ninja’s support has allowed Bulk Bookstore to find their ultimate quoting solution, saving them time and energy and allowing them to focus their sales team on reaching new customers.